sorry that i’ve been missing for awhile x was enjoying my summer holidays with my family & friends 💋 i also spend time everyday to work out too~ finally achieved my ideal figure ^.^ more curves & more butt 😝 very happy to also browse through my facebook messages once in awhile & reply to some of them~ & i dun want holidays to end.. >: xxxx 💋

sorry that i’ve been missing for awhile x was enjoying my summer holidays with my family & friends 💋 i also spend time everyday to work out too~ finally achieved my ideal figure ^.^ more curves & more butt 😝 very happy to also browse through my facebook messages once in awhile & reply to some of them~ & i dun want holidays to end.. >: xxxx 💋

what do i look for in guys?

login to my fb to find out tt it is flooded with messages, so while browsing through them i saw this guy with this qns on the message tt he sent, “what do i look for in guys?”. i think i have been asked more than a million times on this qns & my answer havent change for years.

i want a guy with a decent good character & he has to be able to communicate with me well.

i think ppl are shocked when i first gave them this answer cos they thought i would say something about body or looks. no doubt it plays a part~ (i think its a bonus) but there are many hot guys with good looks and great body and after talking to them for long, they are not who they seems to be. most of them are egoistic, arrogant & thinks tt girls will crawl to them because of their hot body or looks.

sadly, i think majority of the girls now see the $$$ guys have, instead of their looks. not tt i am one of them. i dun need guys to pay for my meals, buy me things or send me home, i can depend on myself. but these egoistic guys should look at themselves & see the way they talk. super turn off. dun bring your ego out like every girls want u, even when u are hot. we might think u are hot, but sorry, not a bf material. i dun think we can survive with someone like tt, we are better off with someone who looks average without all the disgusting traits.

one of my gf told me, she stop dating singaporean guys because they are all very selfish and ungentlemanly. i somehow think it is true but i dun believe tt all guys are becoming like tt. most of them are, but not all. after talking to some guys from my fb, i still believe good guys exists. not all want to have sex, not all just love u for your looks. there are guys who love u for your heart too. x

favourite vs new

hate to go for a run but i think im going later, time to exercise ):

was browsing through my pics on my panty and i realise i still love my ribbon panty the most ^_^ dont think i love the new polkadot g-string, maybe i should sell it away~? let me know what y’all think. 


all time fav ^_^ i like the opening hole that cuts in-between the panty at the ribbon area


new polkadots g-string~ want it?


today i feel for fortunate to have many guys who treats me so well online & genuinely care for me x i was thinking for a meet & greet soon? or maybe a blindhold handcuff event since it didnt took place that time. i think a blindhold handcuff event will be more fun~ :p

maybe i should write the details out soon & open up the application~ but where to hold it will be a problem, probably a nicer hotel then ^_^

my tummy hurts x need a rub ):

reason for being mia

sorry that i was missing for a while recently due to some reasons ):

i initially wanted to delete my facebook due to some sad stuff that happened that greatly affected me~ one of my friend recently just passed away & another one is because of some issue with a guy, but everything is fine now (:

and strangely after these issues happened, my sex drive has gona away to 0%, i dun feel naughty at all for weeks~ T.T

but i realise there is no point deleting because there are still many silly boys that still wants to talk to me & like me for who i am~ ^_^ but i can feel that after being mia for weeks, my messages on facebook is not as flooded as before~ i think everyone thought im really gonna delete my facebook so they just stopped talking to me~ but when im back being active on facebook recently, all the messages start coming again~ lol

imma back now with more pics and events soon yea? ^_^

let the past be in the past, we have to move on~ rip my best friend x

virgin 3some experience

i really enjoy my 3some experience very much. thanks to the 2 puppies.

i order and made them lick, suck and serve every single part of my body & i also made them make out with one another because it turns me on. i like it when there are 2 slaves in the room, its fun~ 



i just want to say i dont care what some ppl might think or judge me when i say i wanna fulfill my fantasy & eventually did it. its been one if my longest fantasy since young so im happy tt it came true & was really good. i know i have been saying i dont sleep around with ppl casually, which is true & a fact but i think some ppl might think im just talking nonsense because of all the pics and suggestive posts that i posted doesnt prove it at all. but its sometimes a wild dark naughty side of me, which doesnt imply that im a slut who sleeps around. you can go ask around how many facebook messages i replied & how many people did i met up with before, then you will know how few it is. just some thoughts, im home & time to sleep xx and thanks for the sweet, 1 of my puppy.



Meet & Greet Session

the whole session went well. i didnt expect so many ppl would apply for the meet & greet because it is a decent kind, just meet to chat. i picked 5 guys among the pool of applicants & each of them have 1 hour time slot with me. private 1 to 1 for chat. this is my fav. lingerie which i wore it tt day together with a huge top. i didnt wore only my lingerie ok.


tbh, i did make out with C, just kissing & i think he is very cute with nice lips. then J was the last guy for the session and he served me so well, ended up licking me all over. my asshole, nipples, every single pat. he helped me to massage too, it was so good. he know how to use his tongue so well, thinking of it turns me on a little now. (:

thank u to the 5 guys for coming to the meet & greet, i managed to talk to guys who chatted with me for more than 2 years & didnt have the chance to meet me before. x thanks for all the gifts too xx~ hugggz


Cute guy in the morning

Saw this cute looking hot guy with nice body just now, while I tried my best not to check him out, I can see that he is checking me out by keep stealing glances. But after awhile, I overheard his conversation to his friend and I think he’s attached. And he smokes though, not a fan of smokers.

Before school

Was playing with questions till late last night while talking to V on the phone, although he’s very quiet as usual. Haha. I actually miss talking to T, he’s only the one whom I can have endless conversation and fun arguments. But since I know he’s not right for me, I shouldn’t waste my time. Not that I didn’t try, I did. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, suddenly I got the urge to watch some porn. 😳 It’s been quite some time since I watched any, so I eventually wet my whole panty in the shortest time and went to have a quick shower before I head to school. As I’m typing this, I’m about to fall asleep on my bed zzzzz 😴